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DIY: Glitter Deer Silhouettes

DIY: Glitter Deer Silhouettes

Dec 09, 2016

Happy Friday! We are getting SO close to finalizing a date for the wedding and signing our venue contract, and I couldn't be more excited! Relieved is really what I mean, I couldn't be more relieved. It feels like if we have the place and the date, everything else will just fall nicely into place over the next year. #delusional #wishfulthinking 

But seriously, having a venue set in place is such a weight off my shoulders. And it feels like ever since we found a location, I've been able to focus on some of the details and actually get excited about wedding planning. Whereas pre-venue-selection I would guilt myself over Pinterest sessions...

"uhm, hello, you can't be looking at centerpieces, you don't even have a place!" 

"oh, that IS a beautiful dress - it'll look real nice floating down the aisle of an Applebee's - find a venue, damnit!"

Ridiculous? Yes. But fairly accurate. I like lists. I do things in order. I write step-by-step DIY tutorials for fun. Clearly I am not very "go with the flow" when it comes to wedding planning.  Not having "Step 1" on every bridal checklist ever was giving me some serious anxiety. Thankfully our phone conference is tomorrow and we're likely just a day or two away from finalizing! Feeling pretty damn accomplished, you guys. 

Amidst work and wedding planning, I completely neglected to do a project this weekend (ok, I did one, but I can't share it with you yet. Stay tuned next week for a project that will be featured as a guest post on The Johnsons Plus Dog!)

So instead, I'll be sharing a holiday DIY project that I made a few years ago - these freakin' cute Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvases!

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


You’ll need:

(2) 12” x 24” pieces of Canvas (they’re sold in 2-packs at Michaels)

Acrylic Paint of your choice

Loose Glitter

Mod Podge

Deer Silhouette (link and instructions to print, below)


First, if you want a colored background for your glittery deer, paint your canvases. This way, they can dry while you’re doing everything else. I chose to paint mine brown, as seen above.

Once they’re painted, start prepping your deer silhouette pattern.  I used this pattern from All Thyme Favorite.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Go to the link, and save the picture to your desktop. Right click, and open with Paint (oh yea baby, kickin’ it OLD school tonight!)

Go up to File, Print, and ultimately to Print Preview.  Within Print Preview, hit Page Setup at the top left.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Once the Page Setup box opens, you’ll want it select the options to make it look exactly as my box looks below: A Portrait Orientation, Fit to: 2 by 3 pages. I didn’t adjust anything else but if for any reason you need to, here is what mine looked like:

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Once you select those parameters, your “Print Preview” should look like this:

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


It should be ready to print the silhouette, spread out over two pages wide, and three pages long. This was what I found to be the perfect size for the 12” x 24” canvas. Print all 6 pages.

The next part I don’t have photos of (since I created this project in my pre-blogging days), but I’ve broken it down step-by-step with a few [awful] photos I created on Paint just to give you an idea of how that step should look.

Lay out all 6 of your pages on a flat surface, to re-create the deer silhouette.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Tape all 6 pages together.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||



Cut out the actual deer silhouette (getting rid of the gray background sections), and you now have a deer silhouette pattern ready to be traced onto your canvas!  If you chose to paint your canvas, make sure it’s dry before continuing.

Use the cut-out pattern to trace your deer design onto your canvas. I used pencil and it showed up just fine over the brown acrylic paint. Here’s a pretty terrible photo of how it would essentially look – brown painted canvas with a penciled tracing of your deer silhouette.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Coat the inside of the deer outline with Mod Podge – again, a shitty idea of what this would look like covered in Mod Podge.

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Pour glitter ALL over the canvas, letting it stick to the Mod Podged-sections.  Then shake off excess glitter from your canvas, and voila! (ahhh…normal photos again.)

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


Now repeat, just flipping your pattern over, so your glitter deer can stare longingly into each other’s eyes <3

DIY Gliltter Deer Silhouettes ||


I know it looks intimidating with all the computer screen shots, but I promise it's not! Just take it step by step and you'll have some awesome deer decor for your home in no time ;)  For other seasonal renditions of this project, check out these Pineapple Mosaic Canvases or these Fall Leaf Canvases too!


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