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DIY: Dinosaur Wine Toppers

DIY: Dinosaur Wine Toppers

Aug 31, 2016

So I'm perusing through Francesca's a few weeks ago, and I came across these awesome wine toppers that held gilded dinosaur figurines. I was really into them, but for $12 a piece?


Thanks tho.

Obviously my first reaction was "how do I make this myself?" and although some (read: most) DIY projects end up costing more than purchasing, this one actually was way less!

The black wine toppers are from Amazon ($10 for a pack of 4), and the dinosaurs are from Toys R Us (but you can find them nearly anywhere - even Michaels! - for just a couple bucks each). || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


Super simple, you can finish these in a few hours! And you only need a few things:


Wine stoppers (rubber, flat topped)


Dinosaur Figurines (bring your wine stoppers to the store to ensure you're buying the right size dino :)


Spray Paint Primer


Gold Spray Paint




Sorry about the shadows in the photos! I was too eager to do this project and I ended up taking pictures during the evening sunset (bad blogger, bad!) || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


First, prime your dinosaur figurines. Mine took two coats of primer since they were brightly colored plastic toys. | DIY Dinosaur Wine Topper


Once dry, go ahead and spray paint them with your gold paint - then let dry completely. || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


Once completely dry, all that's left to do is glue your dinosaurs to the base! || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


I had to place my T-rex upside down in a shallow jar to let the glue set properly because his feet were off-set and he didn't rest over top of the wine stoppers like the other two dinosaurs #highmaintenance || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


Once the glue is dry, you're all set to put your beautiful wine toppers on display! || DIY Dinosaur Wine Toppers


Celebrate your complete project with a glass of wine, naturally. 


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