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DIY: Bookends

DIY: Bookends

Aug 26, 2016

I look forward to the fall season every year (I mean, Halloween...what more do you need?), and one of the reasons I love fall so much in Colorado is the weather change! Unless you're from Florida, you likely read that last sentence and went "yea..duh.." But let me tell you - Florida had almost NO seasonal changes! Fall is still hot, leaves don't turn beautiful shades of red and orange, and there isn't a corn maze to be found. But HERE, it's magical.

It's been a little bit cooler in the evenings and you can tell that pumpkin spice lattes are right around the corner! I know I was just mourning summer, but that is ONLY because I don't want winter to get here too quickly. Because me and snow? Not so much. Not so much, at all. So let's all cross our fingers that fall lasts forever ;)

On that note, I have SO many Fall/Halloween DIY's coming up for you! They're not ready for posting yet, but I didn't want to go without crafting this week (oh, the horror), so in the spirit of early fall's "back to school" vibes, I threw together a bookend DIY that is so easy, there's no reason not to do it. At least just so when someone compliments your bookends, you can say "oh thanks...I made them" (hair flip optional).

You'll need:

Beveled wooden bases (mine are from Michaels)

Any two random home decor items (they can match, or they don't have to, but make sure they fit on your bases, and also that they're heavy enough to serve as bookends)

Spray Paint (below is a paint primer combo that I recommend)

E-6000 || DIY Bookends


First, spray paint your bases. You may need more than one coat.  My home decor items were already a pretty shade of bronze/gold so I chose to leave them alone, but feel free to spray paint whatever items you have.  Let everything dry completely for a few hours before continuing. || DIY Bookends


Next, apply a generous amount of E-6000 to the bottom of your home decor pieces. || DIY Bookends


And then place it in the center of your beveled wood piece. || DIY Bookends || DIY Bookends


Once you've done both bookends, check them against each other to make sure the home decor pieces are at the same distance away from the front and back, on both wood bases. || DIY Bookends


After you've adjusted, wipe away any excess glue creeping out underneath the items. Then let dry overnight. || DIY Bookends


And that's it! Admire your fancy new bookends! And if you love the Pineapple Mosaic pieces below, check out the whole post for that DIY here! || DIY Bookends || DIY Bookends


Can't wait to share all the upcoming fall projects with you! Have a great weekend!

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