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Florida, Part 1

Florida, Part 1

Dec 26, 2015

Merry (late) Christmas! With a little break around the holidays, I finally had time to organize all of our pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Florida - which, I'll be honest, are mostly pictures of food. Because that's mostly what Rob and I did in Florida - we ate. Seafood, seafood, more seafood, oh, and Thanksgiving meals of course.

My dad made us the most amazing seafood feast the first night we were there: mussels in garlic butter sauce, shrimp, crab legs, lobster, artichokes....the WORKS. 



And because I can apparently just never get enough, we spent the next morning out at Clearwater Beach and stopped for lunch at Frenchy's (my all-time favorite place to eat) for, you guessed it, more seafood. But this time fried and washed down with one too many mai tais ;)


Our coconut shrimp filled bellies required a long walk on the beach afterward - coming from snow back in Colorado, it was hard to believe how hot it was on the beach in November! Perfection. I didn't want to leave the ocean - poor Rob had to practically drag me back to the car when it was time to go.


"Get my good side"


After the beach, we had French 75's and shrimp cocktail (yes, more seafood. It's what we do.) with Rob's parents before meeting our very wonderful friends at Cigar City Brew Pub in Tampa. The food was excellent and though many people said it was pricey, it seemed more than reasonable to Rob and I, which I assume stems from the fact that we're used to Boulder restaurant pricing ($16 for a cheeseburger? totes normal).


Cigar City Brew Pub


So despite having to eat three Thanksgiving dinners, we had an amazing time visiting all our family and friends, enjoying the weather, and being near water as much as possible.


We also went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure while we were home, so those pictures are coming soon!


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