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San Francisco, Part 1

San Francisco, Part 1

Nov 14, 2015

Our trip to San Francisco was beyond incredible. Coming from Boulder, San Francisco is another universe - a universe where there are Teslas and tech company billboards at every turn,  where high-heels are seemingly appropriate for every occasion, where bumper-to-bumper traffic is completely normal, and where everything, EVERYTHING, is served with a side of avocado.

Rob and I have missed Chris & Bridget so much since they moved so it felt amazing to spend a whole weekend laughing with them and exploring a city we've never visited! Leaving the snow behind for 70 degree weather wasn't bad either ;). Not to mention I got to spend some quality time with my god-dog Beta.


The very first stop on our San Francisco weekend tour was obviously, The Golden Gate Bridge.  Bridget warned us that it tends to be foggy, but it was a perfectly clear day - lucky!  


We were able to see Alcatraz (which I am totally touring the next time we're there), and the skyline off the coast that was just riddled with sailboats.


We took a short drive up to the Marin Headlands Overlook, to see the bridge from a different view - it was just stunning out there!


More sailboats! I'm obsessed.


After the bridge, we stopped by Pacifica - a smaller beach with plenty of surfers (in November!) and houses just stacked and built right into the hillside. 


And Rob and I stuck our toes in the sand of the Pacific for the first time


We stopped for lunch in Half Moon Bay, and then arrived at Poplar Beach. And then I fell in love.


Beta was in love too, and super stoked to get down there and play!


It was breathtaking. Being from Florida, I have a particular love for the ocean, and hadn't realized just how much I missed it. 


And there were horses. Because what is California if not horse-back riding on the beach?


I didn't grab pictures of Pescadaro - a very small town where we stopped to grab snacks - but it was a neat strip with a old fashioned general store and country bakery (that had some seriously bomb ass cobbler). On our way back though, we found this small pull-off and stopped because this lighthouse was too picturesque NOT to photograph.

We packed so much into just two days, so there's plenty more pictures - I'll have a second post up soon with the rest of the trip!



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