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5 Ways: To Stick To Your New Workout Plan

5 Ways: To Stick To Your New Workout Plan

Jan 16, 2016

Last week I told you about my fitness goals for 2016, and this week I want to share with you a few ways that help me stay strong and stick to my workout routine, even when I really just feel like pizza-ing and netflixing until the wee hours of the morning instead.

1.) Find a time of the day where you're much more likely to just do it. I know I'm too tired after work and I'll make excuses, and even though getting up at 5 a.m. is rough, it is STILL easier than motivating myself to work out after a long work day.


2.) Have a partner. You don't have to work out together (though it helps, so try to make that happen a few times a week if possible), but just someone who is on the same journey as you. It's easier to resist donuts if you know someone else is sharing your pain (just kidding....sorta). Pick someone who is better at working out than you, and even someone who is more motivated than you, to help push you when you need it most. Don't be intimidated by a little competition - you're a bad ass and that push is what you need!


3.) This is a two-parter. Write down your goals ahead of time, and write down your workouts after you complete them. 

Writing down your goals ahead of time sounds lame, but it helps. Write it somewhere visible in your home (if anything it'll guilt you into working out). And don't worry if your goals are vain - they're YOUR goals, so fuck other people's opinion of them.  If you want to write down "I want to look damn fine in a bikini this summer" then by all means, WRITE IT! Nothing is going to keep you more motivated than being honest with yourself about why you're doing it. I recommend having a some short-term and long-term goals in there to cover all the bases.

Writing down workouts after you complete them is something I mentioned last week, but as a refresher, doing this will keep you honest about the work you put in. If you skip a day, you'll see it on the calendar that you weren't able to write anything down. For me, this is such a bummer. I WANT to be able to write down that Bob Harper's Black Fire kicked my sweet little ass! 



4.) Buy a fitness band. Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Apple Watch, Garmin Vivofit - whatever brand tickles your fancy (and won't make you go broke). I have a Microsoft Band and I LOVE IT - it was expensive I'll admit, but now that I've invested in it, I have to use it right?  Right.

You enter goals into the app on your phone ahead of time, and the band alerts you with a vibration when you reach them each day! I've set my height and weight on the phone app, and I have a calorie burn goal that I want to meet every day.  The band tracks my heart-rate throughout the day, and lets me know how much I've burned and how much I still need to burn.

 It can track individual workouts so I can see what I've burned each session (lets me know which workouts are pushing me's looking at you Bob), it can track my sleep patterns, my step goals, my distance and location when I go for a run (if I ever ran...) and it's all stored on the band and syncs to the app on my phone. It's amazing. Invest in one because it will push you.


5.) Do the neccessary work in the kitchen. You can't expect to stick to your workout plan if you're eating crap. I'm not saying every meal needs to be vegan or less than 200 calories (in fact, I would never suggest either of those things) but you need to be eating good food. And by good food, I mean REAL food - produced by the earth and minimally processed. Meat, vegetables, fruit. By all means, track your calories (I do!) or reduce carbs, or go meat-free. Tweak away, but eat REAL food. And more than just weight loss benefits, you need to fuel your body with wholesome things if you expect it to work for you later.  I have my cheat meals and they're amazing (live a little), but I'm fully aware that I'm not going to workout as intensely  the next morning after a cheeseburger pizza and a pint of beer, as I would if I had eaten some grilled chicken and a sweet potato. Be honest with yourself about your eating habits, and when you splurge, just get right back on track. It's not the end of the world - you got this ;)



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