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5 Halloween Re-do's, Project 3: Halloween Placemats

5 Halloween Re-do's, Project 3: Halloween Placemats

Oct 22, 2016

Today's project is super simple, and can be done in about 10 minutes (seriously!), mainly due to the fact that I didn't have time to provide you with anything else this week. Because this week was awful.

Only 72 hours had passed since we had left our blissful cruise, when Rob started to feel achy and nauseous. Then came a fever. Then vomiting. Then the remaining slew of dehydration ailments. Not able to even keep some Pedialyte and half a saltine cracker down, deliriousness set in and it was time to get to an Urgent Care.

A few hours, two liters of IV saline and anti-nausea medication later, Rob had some color back in his face and was able to eat a small meal. Consensus? Likely the ice in our drinks in Mexico. Everyone remembers to avoid the water, but nobody remembers that your ice is also made from tap water (especially after a few tequila drinks ;)

So anyway, it's been a little crazy over here! Thankfully he's mostly made a full recovery and things are pretty much back to normal.

That being said, I hardly had any time to think about a blog post, so I made a very quick DIY for our Halloween Project Re-Do series, based on these Springtime Placemats.

Halloween Placemats ||


Super easy, and could probably be jazzed up QUITE a bit more than what I accomplished, but you get the idea ;)

You'll need:

Plain place mats

Acrylic or Fabric Paint (fabric would probably be better so that they're easily washable, but I just used acrylics)

Paint brushes



To make spiderwebs, start by painting a series of humps from the lower part of the left-hand side, up to the middle-ish area of the top side of the placemat.  The humps don't have to be even in width or in the length of each pointed end - in fact, I would purposefully make them varying lengths and widths for a creepier vibe.



Draw a second set of humps above the first, matching up just the placement of the lower points. Continue this until you're all the way at the top left corner (as you go and your area gets smaller, some of the humps will fall off)



Once all of your rows of humps have been made, starting from the bottom, draw a line connecting all up the downward points, moving upward for each one.



Continue connecting all points upward until you have a spiderweb!



And that's it! You could add another spiderweb, or go back and make your first one darker or glittery if you have glitter paint! Add a bowl of candy and call it a day!



Happy [almost] Halloween! Make sure to check out the first two Halloween re-do's here and here!

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