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2016 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions

Jan 09, 2016

Rob and I have started a serious workout routine. Le sigh.

Because like the rest of the world, we are resolving to lose weight in 2016. Yes, we're those people.

But in all seriousness, I know it's something I need to do for my health, and I know I can't complain about my jeans being too tight if all I did when I got home from work was binge-watch Pretty Little Liars (judge me, it's ok, #noshame here baby) until I lulled myself to sleep on the couch. 

I did so well in the spring because Rob and I could go hiking or be outside nearly every evening and weekend without sweating or freezing our asses off. But then summer came, and I got mega lazy. Evenings now consisted of fun, summer-y things like grilling out, attending the endless parade of festivals we're lucky enough to have between Boulder and Denver, drinking by the pool during the day, and drinking more by the hot tub at night... I mean, who could possibly work out in that Colorado heat?! Oh right...every damn bike-loving, gluten-free, "I spend my weekends hiking 14-ers" Boulderite aside from myself...

But it's winter now, I've started eating [mostly] wheat-free, and it's time to trash my cynicism and excuses (that weren't great in the first place) in order to get back into a routine that is SOLID:

  • partly for my health, and also so I can feel exceptionally less shitty when I shop for clothes
  • partly so that when it starts snowing regularly (i.e. when I get super dramatic about how cold I am) working out will hopefully be second-nature, and I won't fall into a slump again.
  • and partly (who am I kidding, MOSTLY) because as I was strolling through my Instagram the other day, I saw a photo of when Rob and I consumed a breakfast that consisted purely of donuts and toasted graham lattes. Not OK guys, not OK.


So last weekend we got into a groove and committed to working out every morning and partaking in a less intense, but still active, workout  in the evening (a few rounds of dance central, a long walk, or just some heavy cleaning - anything to keep us from spending the entire evening on the couch). 

We've tried doing our main workout in the evenings in the past and we NEVER stick to it -- trying to amp yourself up for a workout after a long day at work, and after a commute back home to boot, just never happens for us. 

If we just force ourselves up early in the morning, we're already awake and more likely to just do the workout (and honestly, we're way more likely to get that second workout in because we're proud of ourselves for working out earlier that day! It also helps to have your Microsoft Band judging you each evening as you try to inch closer to that damn calorie goal).

So if you're interested in what has been working for us thus far - here's our routine:

We get up at 5am. 

I know. 


We down a glass or two of water, and wake up over a cup of coffee until about 6am. 

Couple of things here: 

  • I feel weird about coffee being the first thing I put in my body when I get up. I LOVE coffee, I'm practically a junkie, but I think a glass of water first thing helps wake me up and rehydrate after 7-8 hours of no fluids. Try it (water-haters and soda-addicts, add some lemon to the water if you need some flavor).
  • Also - I know an hour seems like a long time, but here's why it works for us: we have time to brew coffee, drink said coffee, and wake up more naturally (and let the caffiene kick in before the workout), without forcing our bodies into exertion while we're still half asleep. It's not for everyone, as I'm sure some people pop out of bed ready to toss on their sports bras and get sweating...but that is not me. And it is most definitely not Rob. He doesn't look good in a sports bra anyway.


After our hour, we just get to it. With minimal bitching. Most of the time. 

Some mornings we'll do a 21-day fix DVD, a Daily Burn Workout (which I love - it's only $13 a month and you get the first month free to try it out), or some mornings we'll go down to the Fitness Center at the apartment complex. When it warms up (*crosses fingers for an early Spring*) we'll add more options in like going for a run or swimming laps (yes I know we could go for a run in the cold, but I'm not insane...weirdos...). And besides, I LOVE Daily Burn. I mean, I hate it, but I love it. Ya know? 

In the past, I've tended to stick to a routine longer if I wrote everything down - like some sort of written contract I've made with my belly fat.  I used to write down workouts ahead of time (I'm a planner at heart), but thanks to some advice from my good friend Bridget (The Hangry Wanderer), I'm waiting until after I complete the workout to write it down. 

I know that sounds like it won't make a difference, but trust me - if you write workouts down ahead of time, you're more likely to skip them when you don't feel like doing it. If you wait and allow yourself to write it down only after you're finished, it is much more of an accomplishment and you'll likely WANT to do the work just to be able to write it down, instead of letting that blank page mock you.

So that's where we are right now - it's been a few weeks that Rob and I have both stuck to it and I think we're both more determined this time around to make it happen. I'm going to put together a list of things that help keep me on track and share that with you next week.

In the meantime, Happy New Year and good luck with your New Year's Resolutions!


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